SWF Max: Reboot!

I made a reboot blog called SWF Max: Reboot! Check it out at swfmaxreboot.wordpress.com. Can’t wait to see you there!

-SWF Max

Where did every body go?

Is nobody gonna do the blogs anymore? I realize, yes, it’s childish at this point, but we can renovate it to be more fun. I don’t know about any of y’all, but I’m not giving up anytime soon. Anyway, I made another blog that’s more of a website than a blog. I made it for a series of minecraft maps I’m making that attempt to recreate the entire game of Portal 2. All I have right now is chapter 2- and it’s finished. You can actually hear the sounds the lasers make, and GLaDOS lines, etc. It’s really cool. Go check it out here.

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Hello again


Sorry for the lack of posts- but I’d like to mention that I’m building a dalek.

You heard me. But I’m not talking about the ten inch tiny little daleks that threaten to exterminate mice. We’re talking full scale. Like, up-to-your-eyes-unless-you-count-the-lights full scale. I’ll be posting videos of its progress. I won’t post much else from here on out, probably until she’s done. By the way, can you help me pick a name for her? Yes, it’s a female dalek. If you ask me, they’re MORE filled with hatred. No offense to females, I mean like the hatrid-filled females. When they are, they’re worse. So female threatening Dalek-y name. Post in the comments.

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Max-igami Anniversary!

What up? Today’s the 2nd anniversary of the day I launched Max-igami! 😀 I started blogging on Max-igami on February 27th, 2012. I know my blog is read less than it used to be, but I’d still like to thank you those that still go on here. And new people, too! 😀

Happy Max-igami birthday!

Peace out, and May the Force be with you! 😀

-SWF Max/GFF Max

A random idea I had

So today, I had this random idea for an RD-D2 viking helmet. It would be the famous R2-D2 dome thing, but with viking horns sticking out of it. I know what you’re thinking: “That’s really random and weird.” And you are right! 😀 

So? Dwight in the OY books is also random and weird, and he’s still STOOKY! 😀

So what do you guys think of my idea? Leave your answers in the comments.

Peace out, and May the Force be with you! 😀

-SWF Max/GFF Max


Protected: The Lego Movie Chat Page!

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The Lego Movie Chat Page: ONLY IF YOU SAW THE MOVIE!

‘Sup? I’m gonna post a password-protected post soon, which is gonna be a chat page for The Lego Movie. The password is going to be “EverythingIsAwesome”, with no spaces, no quotation marks, and capitalized exactly like that. Important: ONLY ENTER THE PASSWORD IN THE POST IF YOU SAW THE LEGO MOVIE! There will be spoilers both in the post and in the comments. If you saw The Lego Movie, you can go on it and talk about it in the comments.

Peace out, and May the Legos be with you! 😀

-SWF Max/GFF Max


Yes, I did that in all-caps intentionally. 😀 Anyway, last night, I saw The Lego Movie! It was monsterly bolt! 😀 It’s about this construction worker named Emmet who finds something called the Piece of Resistance, which he finds out from a girl named Wildstyle (who he’s obviously in love with) and a wizard prophet guy named Vitruvius (voiced by Morgan Freeman, who is stooky!) means that he’s the Special- the one described in Vitruvius’s prophecy who eventually comes to defeat the evil Lord Business, who plans to end the world. Other characters include:

Batman: “I’m Batman.” He’s also, much to Emmet’s dismay, dating Wildstyle.

Uni-Kitty: Half-unicorn, half-cat. What else?

Spaceman Benny: A Lego Astronaut Guy who really, really, loves anything related to outer space.

Good Cop/Bad Cop: A cop who is also Lord Business’s assistant. His face, and voice, alternate between good and bad.

So, in other words, the movie was stooky! 😀 Go see it, if you haven’t already.

Peace out, and May the Force be with you! 😀

-SWF Max/GFF Max

I’m back!

I’m back! Sorry I haven’t been on for a while. I’ve been having a lot of homework lately. I’ll try to make some more posts soon, but no guarantees. I’ll still be blogging, just less frequently. Just wanted to give you guys an update. 

Peace out, and May the Force be with you! 😀

-SWF Max/GFF Max