Hey. It’s me, Max. I just wanted to say goodbye to all of you, because I’m quitting this blog. The reason that I’m no longer writing posts for Max-igami is because Peyton and Kyle are the only people who read this, and if only 2 people (who are both awesome) read this, I decided that it’s kind of pointless to keep writing posts anyway. More information on why I’m quitting my blog at http://tinyurl.com/7563sst.Β But, for being so supportive of this blog, I just want to thank Peyton and Kyle. If anything changed my mind about quitting this blog, it would be them. Peace out.  😦


About Gravity Falls Fan Max

I'm a Ravenclaw, a Whovian (a fan of Doctor Who), a Graviteer (a fan of Gravity Falls), a Star Wars fan, a LEGO fan, a Minecrafter, a nerd, a Futurama fan, and a fan of The Simpsons.

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  1. peyton100 says:

    what no!!!!!!!!!!

    • I guess that means you didn’t go to the link, because in my link, I explained it was just an April Fool’s joke. So nothing to worry about! πŸ™‚ But the part where I said you and Kyle were awesome wasn’t a joke, though. You guys are still awesome! πŸ˜€
      By the way, I’m gonna do a poll on this blog soon about a LEGO Star Wars comic, and I list a bunch of options of what it can be about, and whichever wins will be the one I make a comic strip about.

  2. SF Xarl says:

    Dude. I look at this all the time. I just don’t comment!

  3. Anakin Skywalker says:

    Hey Max!

  4. Hey! But, if you wanna talk about random stuff, then can you go to the talkzone, please?

  5. Superfolder Artoo says:

    I’m sorry I’ve never came here, I kept asking if any one knew the link to your site, but no one told me. Now that I’m here, I have to say that your blog is awesome! I hope we’ll see some more awesome stuff up here soon!

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