I am THRILLED to be a member here! I think this site is awesome! SWFM & Peyton100 are awesome! I want to thank them for everything! They are always so nice!I am so happy here! See you later on the site!



About Kyle

I love video games. I play electric guitar and drums. I am the Co-Founder of The Gamer Squad and GameGuyz.

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  1. Welcome to my site! But unfortunately, Peyton hasn’t accepted his invitation to become a contributor yet.

  2. sfxarl says:

    Now he has there is a draft on your dashboard that says the user is “origamiluke100.”

  3. Yes, I will review your site. I mean, what else can I do for a guy who followed my blog? And I’m gonna make you a contributor, too. (And review the sites of the other followers, and make them contributors.)

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