I have a severe problem. Last night I went on Artoo’s site and clicked on Angry Birds Space. Then I clicked on shop and downloaded the demo. When I tried to play it, my computer just kept going off of that and going on the internet to who knows where, and I just kept clicking the X in the corner but it kept going on again. I immediately knew what the problem was. I deleted Angry Birds Space Demo and it stopped doing that. Yay.

But I think I know who was behind it……………………….. NONOMOUS!!!!!!!!!!! It all fits right in! He hacked into an account that had full access to Artoogami’s dashboard! See Artoogami’s so popular and so is Angry birds, you know SOMEONE’S gonna click on the link. And if nonomous is a hacker, then he could just hack the Rovio site (that’s the angry birds company) so that they were downloading a virus!!!!!! It’s all connected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Artoo’s site is dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell him he has to delete it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About SF Xarl

My name is pronounced ZARL. I love folding Star Wars origami. I am a major fan of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda series. Thanks, Tom Angleberger!!!!

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  1. (Sigh) I’m on it…

  2. Wait, the thing put a virus on your computer!?

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