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About SF Xarl

My name is pronounced ZARL. I love folding Star Wars origami. I am a major fan of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda series. Thanks, Tom Angleberger!!!!

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  1. “Mom, can I go plasma-surfing, now?” young Jason asked.

    He sat at the dinner table, almost finished absorbing his chicken wings through his SkinCuisine pad system.

    “No, actually, we were going to take a quick walk on the Moon. We need more family time,” his mother replied.

    “I was just on the Moon yesterday! Why don’t you, Dad, and Annabelle go to the Moon while my friends and I go down to the supermassive black hole.”

    “You know you’re not supposed to be doing such dangerous things! How about we take Annable down to the Orion Nebula Bounce!”

    “That’s for babies! I’m going plasma-surfing.” And with that, he turned on his rocket shoes and shot out the door.

    “Don’t forget to turn on the magnetic repulsors when you shoot an electro-curl!”

  2. Anakin Skywalker says:

    What planet?

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