The Elevator

by Tommy

The time? 8:30 A.M,… uh, Coruscant time? Or something? Date? June 8th, the summer break of sixth grade, a hot and stuffy day, in an elevator, at the Empire State building on Kellen’s vacation, with Tommy coming along. 

“I can’t wait to see Sara,” I said to Kellen in the elevator.

“Love is forbidden in the Origami Club, remember, Tommy?” said Kellen.

“Dude, shut up, I haven’t seen her in like, two months! You sound like Obi Wan,” I said.

“Hey, hey, calm down, I’m sayin’, dude, calm down.”

He never said anything about love before. Dwight said something like that, but that was just him being weird, messing with our brains, like he usually does.

“Ok. Let’s make an agreement. If I calm down, you have to get a brain,” I said.


Then the elevator doors opened, and at the top floor, we saw a couple faces we didn’t expect to see: Harvey’s stupid, smirking, ugly face, and Dwight’s weird, freaky drooling face.

Who wants to write the next story? SF Xarl


About SF Xarl

My name is pronounced ZARL. I love folding Star Wars origami. I am a major fan of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda series. Thanks, Tom Angleberger!!!!

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  1. Anakin Skywalker says:

    That is extremely similar to when we were assigned to protect Padme after someone blew up her ship right before the Clone Wars began.

  2. origamiluke100 says:

    how via email

  3. Wait, it says they’re on summer vacation, but it says it’s on November 8th. Since when is summer vacation during November?

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