Okay, I was excited last time, so I couldn’t explain it all. Let me start by saying that the Foldalympics 2012 will start and end at the same time as the Olympics (July 27 to August 12). I guess I don’t know what events are going to happen at the Foldalympics, but I have a few in mind. None of them are quite good, actually. But I’ll announce I had in mind a Comment Most Event and a Fly A Paper Airplane Event. I’m sure you know some better ones out there. Meanwhile, while everything is being set up, I would like some judges to determine who won each event. By that, I will have a Wenlock and Mandeville Contest -whoever folds those guys the best gets to be on of our judges. That judge will be our main judge. The other two judges will be ones who will be the runner-up for the Wenlock and Mandeville Contest, and the other one will be the one who bests the Origami Olympic Torch Contest- where people try to fold the Olympic Torch. Hey, maybe those can be some of our events! I don’t know. You guys might come up with something that might actually work (unlike mine). So please, please, comment on how we can make the Foldalympics run smoothly. Kapeesh? 😀

-SFA, whose site is the host of the Foldalympics (also known as @ndrew)

Max’s added note: Despite what @ndrew says, these actually ARE good ideas. Don’t make fun of your own ideas, @ndrew!

File:Olympic mascots.jpg


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