I`m either on Tatooine or Mustafar. I`m not sure which. Probably Mustafar. That`s where I was before I blacked out. The Emporer is back. And better than ever. He turned me into a human fireball. Again. Only now he used Sith Force lightning before the lava. It`s like Revenge of the Sith all over again. Wherever I am, the walls are metal, and blast resistant, and the are no windows. I`m not sure where Luke and Obi-Wan are. Luke was with me when I battled the Emporer again. He didn`t do so well. Obi-Wan was surrounded by Red Guards last time I saw him. Here`s some of the dialougue:

Me: Luke… help me!

Luke: I`m trying!

Emporer: Heh heh heh heh!

Me: Where`s… Obi-Wan?

Luke: I.. don`t know.

Me: Luke… hurry.

Luke: Father, he`s too strong. I`m sorry. I`m doing everything I can.

{Emperor decides he`s had enough of frying me, and uses the Force to make me slide into the lava.)


Luke; I`m sorry, Father.

Me: Find… Obi-Wan. Please.

{That`s when I black out.}


Back in the life-support suit. I really hate the Emporer.

May the Force be with you!

signing out,

Darth Vader 


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  1. Wait, didn’t you already kill the Emperor?

    • Darth Vader says:

      He was re-incarnated. Sigh. I know. You just can`t get rid of that guy!

    • Darth Vader says:

      Using a rare and ancient Force technique, Palpatine`s spirit inhabited a new body, a clone of his own. He had to contsantly keep changing bodies, due to the instability of the clones, to fight off death. Six years after I threw him into the power shaft, he returned to rebuild a new Empire, and destroy the fragile New Republic.

      Sorry if you are now creeped out. It`s the hidden secrets and powers of the Dark Side. Palpatine knows many. He is very powerful. He fully submerged himself in the power of the Dark Side many years ago. That is why he has such a scarred appearence. Aren`t you glad I never went that far? He is obsessed with the Dark Side.

      The good side has a similar way of cheating death, anad that is how I am typing this now. I don`t want to explain that, and I`m not very good at it anyway, so I won`t. Maybe I`ll get Obi-Wan to explain. If I ever see him again.

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