The new baby is called Toby Wan Kenobi Duncan! If you want to see the episode when he is born, download Watch Disney App and click on Popular. It’s at the top of the list.


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  1. Woah! Stooky Star Wars reference! 😀

    • @ndrew says:

      It’s because the dad likes Star Wars. Toby’s older brother PJ is PJ Darth Duncan. I don’t know about Gabe, Teddy, or Charlie yet but…. I excpect Star Wars related middle names.

  2. PJ Darth Duncan? I thought that the PJ stood for Patty John (or something like that), and that was his full name (other than Duncan).

  3. I thought it originally was Potty John Duncan. (Wow! Two toilet names!)

    Maybe Gabe is Gabriel Grievous Duncan!

    • I looked it up, and here’s the thing: It was originally Potty John Duncan (it was meant to be Patty John), but it got changed to PP Darth Duncan (It was meant to be PJ). So.. yeah! Also, the Grevious thing would be really stooky, btw! 😀

  4. They could have a girl named Hannah Kin Skywalker Duncan!

  5. Why not Patty John Solo Duncan? Or “Char-Char” Binks Duncan? For all we know, Amy could have been born Amy Dala Blanket-Hooper!

  6. “Char” Two-Dee-Two Duncan?

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