Alright, superfolders… I`m back! Hold your applause.  There was a disturbance in the Force, so unfortuantely I had to be offline for a while, but now I`m back. So, for this party thing that`s going on, I`m going to ask what I should post for the party, and you can respond in the comments. Got it? Good.  I`ll post other things beside what you can vote on, or at least I`ll try to.  Sooo…

What should I post?

1. A drawing I did of Slave Leia? (I`m a professional level artist, so don`t worry. If you want to see some examples, search ‘superdrawer darth vader’ on OY)

2. How a lightsabers works? (hopefully in a way you could understand)

3. Or how to speak Huttese, so you can watch SW without sub-titles?


Vote in the comments! You`re going to love what I have for tommorroww (and the day after that)!

May the Force be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

signing out,

Darth Vader


5 responses »

  1. I’d like the Slave Leia drawing, please.

    • Darth Vader says:

      Okay! I`m pretty proud of that drawing’ actually. It`s ina frame on my desk right now, nect to a virtual book signing Tom did for me, and an awesome poster-style drawing I have. I should probably scan that in, too, so I can post it. Sorry, I`m rambling. I haven`t had anyone to talk to for a while.

      • It’s OK that you’re rambling. I do it all the time, so I actually think it’s fun. 😀

      • Darth Vader says:

        Yay! I1ll keep talking, then. I think we have evrything on these utility belts, except air conditioning. I say that because where I am right now, the tempertures are well over 100. I`m fairly surprised nobody`s passed out yet. Everyone (except me) has to keep spraying their faces with water. I used to have a chocolate bar in my right hip puch, but it`s literally a puddle right now. Being a Jedi is great, except at times like this. I think we`re pretty much screwed. Thank goodness for Artoo, otherwise my laptop would have over-heated by now. It`s pretty close. Everyone`s a little mad at me right now, because I`m using our only fan so I can type this. People get really grumpy when they`re hot. Oh well. I thought about telling them to suck it up, but I decided not to. They`re getting on my nerves by now. Everytime I say something, the relpy is always some snarky sarcastric comment. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi (and Luke) you`re my only hope! Get back soon! I cxan`t take it! How could you leave me here with these nerfherders!

        Wow. That was really rambling.

  2. Darth Vader says:

    UPDATE: (in case you care) Leia passed out, and Han Solo blamed me. He said I cared more about a machine than my own daughter. I told him to shut up, you kriffing nerfherder. Than I told him I would give Leia the AC, and to keep a cool washcloth on he forehead. Han said that i didn`t take first aid, and I don`t knmow what to do, and I`m just makeing stuff up. I told him I`m a jedi, and I DID take first aid, and I`m prepared for all kinds of emergencies. . Han told me I didn`t have to be such a smart-alec, and it went aon and on like that. Then Leia came to, and was watching us shouting at each other for 5 minutes, then told us to stop arguing, bantha brains. SO we did. Please, Obi–Wan and Luke, return soon. It`s getting desperate.

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