Nick Foldy instrux:
Make square base. Fold centimeter of top down. Fold complete top down about an inch. Fold down centimeter of right “horn” down. Fold comeplete “horn” down about an inch. Tuck left one inside, then fold down hood. Lift up head, then fold to center of crease. Repeat step, then flip over. Fold left/right tips over, then fold them back to make hands. Draw on face.

Designed by Jack Skellington (Jack, if someone else designed it, can you tell me, please?).

-SWF Max


About Gravity Falls Fan Max

I'm a Ravenclaw, a Whovian (a fan of Doctor Who), a Graviteer (a fan of Gravity Falls), a Star Wars fan, a LEGO fan, a Minecrafter, a nerd, a Futurama fan, and a fan of The Simpsons.

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  1. Jack Skellington says:

    No, I just messed with the Square Base. Do you want me to fold Thomas Paperson?

  2. Jack Skellington says:

    No, it’s my own design.
    PS- Does anybody want Thomas Paperson instrux?

  3. Jack Skellington says:

    I don’t know how! I tried, but my prototype’s hair looks like dog ears. Should I make an easy one and forget the bases? Sorry.

  4. Jack Skellington says:

    My comment didn’t show up. It might after this, though…

  5. Benjamin says:

    JACK SKELLINGTON???????????????? Awesome! I want your email address!

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