This summer I`m probably going to be making some new videos, that I will probably post, so I want you guys to vote on what you want to see.

1. I could perform “Galactic Empire State of Mind”

2. Star Wars piano videos (March on the Jedi Temple, Duel of Fates, Main Theme, Imperial March, and some others)

3. How to speak Huttese (I could also just make a post)

4. A virtual tour of my sketchbook/kriffing awesome SW-themed room (just a little bit)

5. My action Figure collection

6. How to draw SW (series)

7. How to use the Force

8. I could perform the Saga Begins

9. Lightsaber combat

Tell me if you would want to see any of those. I have nothing better to do. And if you want me to keep updating on the book I`m writing, let me know. I`ll probably post the cover illustration today. It`s cool.  Oh, and I could let ylu know  what happens in between movies, and the fate of some SW characters. Like Kitster. If you want. Sorry, I just want to know what you guys like and want to see, so everyone`s happy.  And I sound like I`m rambling. I probably am. I don`t even know why I`m posting this. Boredome, probably.

May the Force be with you, and don`t let fear decide your fate!  

signing out,

Anakin Skywalker   <((( CRAYOLA))


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  1. Can I pick more than one? If so, I pick ALL of them. They’re stooky! 😀

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