I came up with this, then acted it out with action figures, with the help of everyone else. They played themselves. We were bored. DOn`t you wish this is the way it really was?

Me: Love won`t save you Padme. Only these cookies will.

Padme: Anakin, you`re breaking my heart. How can you think Palpatine`s cookies are better than mine?

Obi-Wan: Put that cookie down, Anakin!


Obi-Wan: Put. It. Down.

Me: *takes the cookiees and runs away*   ME HATES YOU!!!!


What can I say? The Dark Side has good cookies. 🙂

May the Force be with you!!

signing out,

Anakin Skywalker


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  1. May the cookies be with you! 😀

      • Palpatine: Come to the dark side, we have cookies! Luke: Come to the light side, we have eternal happiness!
        Random guy: Hmm, cookies VS eternal happiness… Hey, wait a second! Since when was there a difference?!

      • Darth Vader says:

        Ha! Nice one. This is my ROTJ version:
        Luke: Father, come to the lights side.
        Me: It is far too late for me, son.
        Luke: But, why Father?
        Me: This side has cookies.
        Luke: But Father, this side has cake!

      • Does the light side have good cookies, too? Because I’ve heard that Wookiee Cookies are REALLY stooky (Chewbacca’s not a Jedi, but he IS a protagonist).

      • Darth Vader says:

        Wookiee cookies have cinnamon and nuts, two things I`m not particullarly fond of, but they have better Chocolate chip cookies. Now I want a cookiee. MASTER! The Light Side cann cook better. The Dark Side has no real baking experience at all. Can you picture a Sith Lord wearing an apron and oven mitts taking a cookies out of the oven? (actually I can, and now I`l laughing hysterically. I`m picturing Darth Maul baking 🙂 )

      • Darth Maul baking cookies? Hilarious! 😀

  2. Benjamin says:

    That is hilarious, Lord Vader!

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