AFter a lot of begging, I have managed to convince everyone to help me write a group post. Hold your applause everyone.  Sooooo, Thisa is how it`s going to work.  I will finish typing my section, then it will be Luke`s turn. He will type whatever he wants, then it will be Obi-Wan`s turn. Make sense?  I miht be able to do this a few more times, too, so if you want them to explain anything, leave a reply in the comments.  Here we go:

LUKE:  Hello, superfolder, superdrawers, superbloggers, supermovie-makers, and whatever other supers there may be!  I hope you guys are having a nice summer!  I actually don`t have very much to say.  Uhhhh….  I feel like I should type more. I`m just stalling.  This is awkward. Now you know why my father has the blog, and not me.  Uhh…  Obi-Wan?

OBI-WAN:  Greetings, superfolders! I hear a lot about you.Did you know that Anakin has been freezing our action figures in blocks of ice? There`s barely any room in the freezer! He claims he`s going to use them for a photoshoot, soon, and since he didn`t have a carbon freezer, that was the next best thing. I hope you are not encouraging this? He has also been dancing in the rain, like he`s five years old again. He is one of the most immature people I know. Sometimes he disappears, and when he comes back his ship has a few more dings on it then in did when he left. It`s like he never went to the Dark Side at all. Still immature, fun-loving, back-talking Jedi I knew.  *face palm*

ANAKIN: MASTER!  ISn`t there something else you could talk about BRSIDES me?!

LUKE: He`s smiling. Trust me.

ANAKIN: *face palm*


May the Force be with you, don`t let fear decide your fate, and don`t let other people write a blog entry for you! No matter how much of a good idea it sounds like! Just don`t!!!

signing out,

The Skywalkers (and Obi-Wan)



4 responses »

  1. SF Xarl says:

    Wow, sometimes you actually almost manage to convince me that you ARE anakin, anakin!

  2. Benjamin says:

    Can you send me Obi-Wan’s email address? Even better, Yoda’s?

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