I`ve got a new contest. Here it is:Clone Trooper stories!!

Any story about clone troopers. Minimum of at least about a page long. After that, it can be as long as you want. It can be humorous, serious, in between, whatever you want. You can pretty much do whatever you want with it, as long as it is about clone troopers. Enter by leaving your story in the comments. Winner will have their story featured in my book, and will receive a special clone nickname. Deadline is August15.  Have fun!

-Anakin SKywalker


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  1. neonblast12 says:

    battle of allinces:by sf leo or neonblast12. no we are better no we.if you are wonder what this is here is what happend.oh by the way im sobuke and im a origami fan.ive read tscooy and dpsb and this is what happend….

  2. neonblast12 says:

    i was sitting when a kid named dlyan gave us a choise to be a clone or stormtroopers.i choose clones and so did some of my freinds…

  3. neonblast12 says:

    well i guess il do this fast so kids where clones and kids where stormtroopers. and we decided to have a battle to see who’s better.
    when some random kids came in and had origami mortal kombat characters!!

  4. neonblast12 says:

    so we teamed up and fought them but some clones and storm troopers were ripped to shreads 😦

  5. neonblast12 says:

    so then we countinud to battle and sudden dc origami came in. -_-

  6. neonblast12 says:

    we beet them again. i noticed we kept getting inturupted so we just baracaded the doors and this pretty much leaves us where we left off.so we battled until we all got detiontion for the door problem

  7. neonblast12 says:

    but we realised that the real enemy was them so we fought them and we are now the second best origami characters.but…

  8. neonblast12 says:

    a not smart clone named gus walked and beat up all our origami.wow.so the lesson is don’t trust gus and have reserves.p.s. is this long enough if not i will countinue it

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