I have recently completed my acyion figure collection, so I now have all of the main characters, and several widely recognizable supporting characters from all 6 movies, and I have discovered something funny. The prequel trilogy characters look unhappy, while the original trilogy characters look like they don`t have a care in the world. All six prequel versions of me look unhappy, and three of them look extremely ticked-off (which I actually think is a little funny).  Obi-Wan`s expression almost exactly matched the one he has at the beginning of the battle of heroes at the end of ROTS, shortly after Padme is Force-choked. My Padme is also from that scene, so that kind of explains itself. My mother, Shmi, looks a little sad, as she is from the Phantom Menace, when I am freed, and leave her on Tatooine. She has that sad smile.  Zam Wessel looks annoyed, for some reason.  The two clones have masks, so they don`t have any expression.

But all my original trilogy characters look happy. They all have that easy smile (well almost). Han Solo has his classic smirk.  Leia is smiling, and looks just a teeny bit annoyed, probably at Han Solo.  Luke looks kind of pouty, but he always looks like that. And of course, Chewbacca doesn`t really have much of an expression.  C-3PO and Artoo are droids, and tehrefore do not really have an expression. Threepio looks a little surprised, though.   The remaining characters (Boba Fett, me, and a stormtrooper) are wearing masks, and therefore do not have any expression.

I thought that was a little funny. 

May the Force be with you!

signing out,

Anakin Skywalker


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