I`m going to be unavailable for a while. Later today-Tuesday.  Can`t explain why, so sorry.  Don`t get mad if I don`t reply, or anything.  I snet in one of m drawings to Origami Yoda, so be on tge lookout. I`ll make up for my   absence later.  this site had better not gall apart while I`m gone.  That`s been kriffing known to happen.  And don`t hold ypur breath wairing for me to return. I`ll hopefilyy be bacl on online around Wednesday. No gurantess.    Have  kriffing fun.  More fun than me.

Im sorry I know I probably made a lor of kriffing typos, but I can`ty fic them rigjt now, 

May rhe Force be with you.  And me. It had vetter be with me, too.

signing out,

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader


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  1. The drawing you sent was STOOKY, Anakin! 😀

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