Hi superfolders I don’t really know what to do for this party so I am going to do a contest who ever posts the first comment gets the new chapter of my story the strange case of third grade before anyone else!

-SF Megan/Phred


About SuperFolder Megan/Phred

I love the origami yoda books! I love reading! I love writing! I love my church, my friends and my family! and most important I love God! May God bless you! and have a fizzpop day!

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  1. Sorry, I didn’t see your post in the dashboard until now. Anyway, stooky! 😀 I edited it so it would say “-SF Megan/Phred” at the bottom. Anyway, I have the first comment, so I guess I win the contest. 😀 Stooky post! 😀

  2. SuperFolder Landon says:

    Me that is so stooky! Wait Max gets it. 😦

  3. hey Landon don’t worry a few days after max sees it it will be on my site

  4. SuperFolder Megan/Phred says:

    P.s. cool background agent p rocks!!!!!

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