This has nothing to do with Star Wars, but it is another epic movie series with Harrison Ford, half-made by George Lucas. Anyway, I drew Indy for the first time ever, so here they are! I`m not SUPER pleased with either drawing, but I tried.







signing out,

Anakin SKywalker

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  1. Robby says:

    You could draw pictures for the books I write when I grow up

  2. Anakin SKywalker says:

    JUst random, but am I the only one who watche dthe face melting off scene, put the vcr on rewind, and watched it again? and again. And again. and again. and again.

  3. sfjacksonh says:

    I love the first one(drawing)! It is so epic! The second one is awesome too! You should be a famous artist!

  4. Anakin SKywalker says:

    ZMore soon! I`m drawing Short Round next! (Lady, you call him Docta Jones!)

  5. Robby says:

    “you should quit bugging him about not finishing school,”
    ” He’s your son…”
    ” he is?”
    ” Henrey jones the third…”

    • Anakin SKywalker says:

      “Short Round, step on it.”
      “Okie Dokie Docta Jones! Hold onto your potatoes!”
      “For cryin’ out loud, there`s a kid drivin’ the car!”

      “Dad, you`re gonna have to use the machine gun! Get it ready! ELEVEN O CLOCK!! Dad, eleven o clock!”
      “What happens at eleven o clock?”

  6. Robby says:

    “‘All grave robbers will be shot.'”
    ” Well its a good thing were not grave robbers.”
    ” Well we kinda are,”

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