Hey, SuperViewers! Art2-Gami goes live on October 13! So to celebrate, we’re holding a special contest! Art2, why don’t you explain?

Art2: Beep, Bapta Balto. Bleep, BubaBewas. Bleep bip bow ba bonds beel bork. Bor bob bip bo bay ba bamot bor ba bup bom bong boog bans. Ber bew bo ba, bos bep bive Bapa Balto bink. Bud Bom Angle Bleep Berger beel bease boon. Bane boon.

Translation: Yes, Master Artoo. Hello, SuperViewers. This is how the contest will work. Your job is to make some kind of promotion for the upcoming blog launch. Either make a video or poster ad, post it on your own website and give Master Artoo the link. Then we will bring in a top-secret judge to decide the winner! Detaills on who that will be will be released  soon. Thank you.

The winner gets to be an admin, so get to work! Contest ends October 10. 😀


Update: The contest is closed an no one entered ( 😦 ) So I’m extending it to November 1. But this time, no matter what, Art2-Gami will go live on November 3. Thank you.


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  1. R4-P17 says:

    Cool. Five days after the site goes live, Angry Birds Star Wars will also.

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