It’s a contest AND a poll!
-SF Xarl


What should I fold now? I’m getting bored. Maybe boba fett? I don’t know.

Choose one of these in the comments:


B: Another, upgraded, legitimate fortune wookiee 

C: Han foldo

D: Lando whateverhisnameis

NOTE: whatever you choose, I will hold a contest for folding the best one of those things that you chose.

-SF Xarl


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About SF Xarl

My name is pronounced ZARL. I love folding Star Wars origami. I am a major fan of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda series. Thanks, Tom Angleberger!!!!

6 responses »

  1. Robby says:

    Fett with instrux

  2. Anakin SKywalker says:

    Lando! (And his last name is Calrissian)

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