It’s not about the spy kind of mole, it’s not about the animal, and it’s not about the kind of mole that looks like a freckle. It’s about chemistry, because one “mole” of something (don’t ask where they got the name; I have no idea) has about 6.02 times 10^23 particles, which is a chemistry thing. It started at 6:02 AM, and it’ll end at 6:02 PM. Oh, who cares about all this crazy calculating? Let’s just listen to The Elements Song to celebrate! XD


Peace out, and May the Francium (that’s an element- and yes, I’m aware that it’s one of the cheesiest jokes ever) be with you! 😀


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  1. SuperFolder Landon says:

    Weird. Wazzup! Check out my new gravatar!

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