If you live near New York, you probably know about Sandy. Make sure your family is prepared! I am hoping and praying that the storm won’t be that bad, but you never know…
Make sure you have:
•Water bottles
•Packaged foods
•A safe place to go if the storm gets REALLY bad.
I hope that you and your family stays safe and I hope for the best.
~SF Jackson H


About sfjacksonh

I love Star Wars and Origami! What else can I say?

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  1. Anakin SKywalker says:

    I have heard about this storm. I am nowhere even close to the storm, but may the Force be with everyone who is.

  2. sfjacksonh says:

    Thank you. Grave times are ahead………..

  3. There’s good news, and there’s bad news. Good news: It’s no longer a hurricane. Bad news: It’s still a storm, so it could still cause damage. I hope that everybody will be safe.

  4. sfjacksonh says:

    Good news! Last night the power was supposed to go out, but it didn’t! 😀

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