ok im sorry but i haven’t had many people send stuff to the newspaper. ( no newspaper this week)

last week CJ practically wrote the newspaper himself (thank you CJ)

and if i don’t get enough things each week ill be forced to close down :( :( :( :(:( :(

so PLEASE SEND STUFF IN. if you haven’t sent stuff in yet, the email is this

anything helps even the tiniest of origami will help me keep the site up.

ill give it till Saturday the 17th but if i don’t see SERIOUS improvement im shutting down

thank you all for being on my site

have a fizzpop day!

P.S. if i do see improvement ill throw a party.


About SuperFolder Megan/Phred

I love the origami yoda books! I love reading! I love writing! I love my church, my friends and my family! and most important I love God! May God bless you! and have a fizzpop day!

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  1. Robby says:

    My ideas:
    Find my origami yoda on the site and use it as the origami, it’s a duluxe so it is better than my first attempt, it should come up if you type: Robby

    For the story, use my ghost story on the EU site, it’s under the first page with 35 comments. It is in order but you will have to scroll down to different places.

    For news, say that my origami Spyro won the origami election. I posted all the results on the results page.

    I hope this helps. I will think of more stuff maybe soon.

  2. SuperFolder Megan/Phred says:

    Thanks Robby I posted a response on my site it’s kinda wordy so I don’t want to do it again but thank you a lot

  3. SuperFolder Megan/Phred says:

    i added a poll on my site

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