Not again! We have another emergency! This time, it’s a bill created by the government, and it’s bad as SOPA. It might be even worse! It’s called CISPA. it got defeated a while ago, but the bill is back. If CISPA got passed, it would allow companies with websites that you have accounts for to tell the government your personal and private information, without your permission! D: Tell your family about it! You can enter your email address at to sign a  virtual petition. But you should ask your parents first. If you don’t have an email address, tell your parents about this and ask them if you can enter their email addresses. Don’t do it without your parent’s permission. As with all the other “emergencies”, no activity on Max-igami is allowed until further notice, except for comments on this page.

Good luck, and help to stop CISPA.

-SWF Max/GFF Max

About Gravity Falls Fan Max

I'm a Ravenclaw, a Whovian (a fan of Doctor Who), a Graviteer (a fan of Gravity Falls), a Star Wars fan, a LEGO fan, a Minecrafter, a nerd, a Futurama fan, and a fan of The Simpsons.

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  1. Robby says:

    Maxigami isn’t a company so we don’t have to worry.

    • I know, but family members of readers might have accounts to websites run by companies, so I wanted to spread the word. WordPress is part of the Internet Defence League, which is against CISPU, so WordPress isn’t a bad company, so I don’t have to worry about that. I just wanted to warn other people.

  2. Robby says:

    Is this emergency over yet, cause I sorta have a question for the fortune Wookiee.

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