Sorry to Max and the other Superfolders. I hadn’t been able to do my blog in a long time I am really sorry.nCheck out my blog at Iwant to make it an awesome blog like Max’s Hey yo Max!! I didn’t make you an administration for nothing . Please help me with it. If any of you are interested and want to be part of my blog, just tell me. I will let you be apart of it. Thanks for everything. I am going to make this blog awesome! -SuperFolder Landon


About SuperFolder Landon

I love Star Wars, I play the piano, I love Legos, I love the "Jurassic Park" Movies, The Origami Yoda Book Series is Purple Plastic Dinosaurs!

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  1. Hey! Sorry I haven’t been posting on your site, I forgot. I’ll make a post when I’m done with this comment, though! 😀 Also, you got your blog link wrong. I’ll edit it for you.

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