I have thought about deleting my website and not doing it anymore. Apparently my blog is a FAIL! NOBODY EVER GOES TO IT. NOT ANYONE HAS POSTED A SINGLE POST BESIDES ME EVER SINCE APRIL! Should I just delete my blog or will you fellow superfolders help me get my blog rolling again? I even made SF Max an administraitor! Can anyone help me get it started again? Ever since Landa-gami got deleted every thing went downhill. PLEASE HELP! 😦 ~ SF Landon


About SuperFolder Landon

I love Star Wars, I play the piano, I love Legos, I love the "Jurassic Park" Movies, The Origami Yoda Book Series is Purple Plastic Dinosaurs!

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  1. SF Xarl says:

    Landon, um, I get 0 views now. Not only have I not considered quitting, but I have also STILL ACTUALLY POSTED. P.S. Your blog is gone now. So put it back please. I was just about to post there.

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