So, I found out that every Wednesday, people with Pokemon X and Y fill wonder trade with nice Pokemon. This is a nice thing that people are calling Wonder Trade Wednesday. It is basically because the jerks who use wonder trade fill it with annoying amounts of Scatterbugs and Bunnelby. It’s annoying towho out, catch a shiny, give it to a random kid and brighten his day, and in return get a Bidoof. With WTW, popular Internet sites are giving out epic Pokemon to try and make people havea good days, and not go and smash their 3DSs. I would like to give out a PC box of pichu (Each named “SF Robby”, or “Max-igami”), but I would be taking the risk of getting a bad egg.

Some jerks think its fun to hack their games, and give their hacked legendaries to random people. But Nintendo doesn’t like it when their games are hacked, so they program the games to turn hacked Pokemon into Bad Eggs.

Bad Eggs are nintendo’s way of trolling the trolls. Basically, the bad egg infects your PC, and all the Pokemon in the box become bad eggs. They eventually turn ALL your Pokemon into bad eggs. Your only choice is to reset your game before they ruin your gameplay experience.

Psoriasis if you’re daring enough, breed your Pikachus, and on next wednesday give out baby pichus named “SF Robby” and “Max-igami” to kids who need a rare Pokemon to light up their day. Hopefully, my site and this one will get more views with the nicknames.


Leave a comment, and May the Force be with you! :D

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