So today, I had this random idea for an RD-D2 viking helmet. It would be the famous R2-D2 dome thing, but with viking horns sticking out of it. I know what you’re thinking: “That’s really random and weird.” And you are right! 😀 

So? Dwight in the OY books is also random and weird, and he’s still STOOKY! 😀

So what do you guys think of my idea? Leave your answers in the comments.

Peace out, and May the Force be with you! 😀

-SWF Max/GFF Max


About Gravity Falls Fan Max

I'm a Ravenclaw, a Whovian (a fan of Doctor Who), a Graviteer (a fan of Gravity Falls), a Star Wars fan, a LEGO fan, a Minecrafter, a nerd, a Futurama fan, and a fan of The Simpsons.

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  1. SF Xarl says:

    I have a question. Where would you get a dome to make this? I had to use a styrofoam hemisphere for my dalek dome (It’s gonna be the 2005 design, by the way,) and it costed like ten bucks. I like just being able to whip up cool stuff with household items, but said hat would have to be worked on very hard.

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